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» Sunday, August 30, 2015

Foster Fail!

It’s true. I’m a failure. My first foray at being a dog foster mom ended after a month. I just gave up—and adopted my foster. I couldn’t let Nixie go!

Doesn't she look happy about it?

Until Nixie, I’d been dogless for one year, seven months, and sixteen days. Not that I was counting or anything. My former furbaby was 15 years, 2 months when she died. She’d been ailing with arthritis, incontinence, and episodes of vertigo before we finally made the heart-wrenching decision to let her go. Grieving took quite some time. We gradually got used to not having a dog, but there was always something missing. So we decided to foster dogs for a while. 


Nixie’s a 3 year old Labrador mix. She was abused as a pup—some degenerate characters used her for BB gun target practice!! Grrrrrr. After getting the embedded BBs removed, she was adopted by another family nearby. Unfortunately, a year later she was having some issues with one of their kids, so they gave Nix back to the rescue.
The rescue wanted to place her in a home with no kids or other pets. We decided to give her a chance! She was upset when her former owner dropped her off, and had a rough first week. After that, she settled in nicely. She loves twice-a-day walks, belly rubs, and peanut butter. And murder. So far she’s killed a baby rabbit, a half-dozen voles and two snakes. Birds, however, are not a problem. A bird could land on her back and she probably wouldn’t care. Go figure. 

More happy pup pics:



See ya later!


» Friday, April 19, 2013

News! News! News!

Dear Readers,
I've gotten a lot of inquiries about what's been up since my last book, The Unforgiven, a dark urban fantasy release in August 2011. Well, here's the scoop:

Some readers keep track of publishers, others don't. (I certainly didn't know one publisher from another before I started writing). Some of you may be aware of the slow decline and ultimate demise of my former publisher, Dorchester.  The three year tragic saga began in mid-2009 and continued until late 2012. During this time Dorchester authors' royalties became sporadic, then totally non-existent, even though Dorchester continued to sell our books. Print publishers routinely hold backlist royalties against book returns, which means authors receive big chunks of their royalties over several years after initial sales. So the money Dorchester's authors were out included royalties they earned during Dorchester's years as a major mass market publisher.

Author's rights to their own backlist novels as well as future as-yet-unpublished contracted titles were mired in dispute. Communication between authors and publisher became difficult, to say the least, especially after there was no editorial staff left and the company had abruptly vacated their Manhattan offices in favor of a PO Box mailing address. And yet, with no formal bankruptcy declared, there was no court to dispose of assets and return book rights to the Dorchester authors in a timely and fair manner.

In 2010, I turned in The Unforgiven, and was working on The Unholy, book 2 of the Watchers series, which was under contract. A year later, it had been eons since I'd seen a royalty check or even regular sales statement. Like many Dorchester authors, my books were available and selling. The publisher was keeping our current and past royalties, while turning a largely deaf ear to correspondence and phone calls seeking reversion of rights due to non-payment.

Not knowing if I would ever be able to regain rights to the Watchers series, I put it aside. By this point, since my writing income was nil, and I had three teenagers contemplating college, I returned to working my non-writing job full time. For the next couple, Dorchester authors waited and hoped for the resolution, one way or another, that would come when our zombie publisher was finally irrevocably dead. I developed several outlines for new writing projects, between my day job and some health challenges (luckily, nothing life-threatening), and the aforementioned college searching, I found it difficult to pursue my writing.

Late in 2012: a breakthrough! Former Dorchester authors with disputed rights were offered a choice: allow Amazon Publishing to buy out their Dorchester contracts, or regain sole rights to their Dorchester-contracted titles. Finally, resolution! We were all thrilled with the news.   Some authors  accepted Amazon's offer, others decided to regain their rights and re-release through other channels.

I allowed Amazon to acquire seven of my backlist titles: the four Druids of Avalon world novels, the two Immortals world novels, and my single title contemp, A Little Light Magic.  I regained rights to The Unforgiven, and to my two Dorchester novellas, Blood Debt (Immortals) and Christmas Unplugged (from the 2009 Santa Honey Anthology).

My seven Amazon-acquired backlist novels been available on Kindle since mid November 2012 under Amazon Publishing's Montlake Romance imprint. They titles are being republished in print as well. So far A Little Light Magic and Silver Silence are available in trade paperback. The others will follow later this year as Amazon's trade paperback release schedule unfolds.

With my nest half-empty, and my health issues largely resolved, I've been able to devote some significant time to writing. Not full-time yet, but that's the goal. 

Watch for: 

My new genre love, paranormal Victorian Steampunk!! 

Kindle reissue of Blood Debt, my stand-alone Immortals world vampire novella

Complete rewrite and expansion of my small press sci-fi novella, Dream Guardian  (I'm really enjoying this project - it could turn into a series!)

Re-edit of my  small press paranormal superhero novella, Heroes Incorporated

Re-edit of my former Dorchester contemporary holiday novella, Christmas Unplugged

Romantic fairy tale adaptations - available as 99 cent singles or in combination, this project includes: 

          Re-edits of two small press stories: Jackie and the Beanstalk (in which Jack is    female, the Giant is a rich CEO, and the beanstalk is a skyscraper); and Grandma's House (Little Red Riding Hood with hot Scottish werewolves)

          At least two brand new fairy tale adaptations. Perhaps a Beauty and the Beast tale?

A Druids of Avalon companion book!  Featuring before- and between-the-books short stories, legends and mythology, historical notes, Druids of Avalon family trees (eventually ending in King Arthur), maps, trivia, character interviews, Druid and Celtic lore, and other fun stuff! Basically everything you need to get the most out of my Druids of Avalon pre-Arthurian historical fantasy series.

The Watchers (Fallen Angels) series: re-publication of The Unforgiven and first publication of The Unholy. And the series continues…

As always, all the best to you and yours!


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» Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dragon*Con 2010

Some pics from Dragon*Con 2010 - what a blast it was!!


Spartan Warriors from 300 - hot hot HOT!
Where can I get me one of those???

This Sirius Black was definitely one of the best costumes I saw!

Dr. Who

Kingdom Hearts villains

Netherworld float in the D*Con parade

Not sure what these characters are from, but they were awesome!

Straight from Nowhere, Kansas - Courage the Cowardly Dog!
I miss that cartoon!


» Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little Light Magic is a Fresh Fiction Pick of the Day!

Those of you who subscribe to Fresh Fiction's "Fresh Pick of the Day" newsletter saw A Little Light Magic come into your inbox this morning. The Fresh Pick is chosen completely by reader vote, so this is quite an honor!

Here's a snip from Fresh Fiction's review of ALLM :-)

"A moving story that will bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh out loud. Joy Nash is an absolutely brilliant genius. I laughed out loud, cried crocodile tears and had butterflies in my stomach while reading this beautiful story. I recommend it to everyone." For more, click here!

Okay, so no one has ever called me an "absolutely brilliant genius" before, and I have to confess I think that's just a wee bit exaggerated, but hey, it feels good!

Thanks to all of you who voted for my book at Fresh Fiction!


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» Friday, June 18, 2010

My Summer Reading List

So I've just finished up the edits for my February 2011 book The Unforgiven! It's the first book in my new urban fantasy series about the modern descendants of a tribe of fallen Biblical angels known as The Watchers.

With hardly a breath to spare, I'm now deep into Watchers book 2, The Unholy, which is set for a summer 2011 release. In the coming weeks, I'll begin talking about the series here on the blog and on my website,

But for the next couple of weeks - a break where I get to be a READER!!!! So what do writers read when they're not writing? Here's my summer reading list...

Of course, the latest releases from my friends at The Chatelaines! :-) That means Emily Bryan's Stroke of Genius, Allyson James' (aka Jennifer Ashley)'s Stormwalker, Cindy Holby's Breath of Heaven, and Gerri Russell's Seducing the Knight.

And then, to feed my Regency England addiction, Sally MacKenzie's The Naked Viscount and Mary Balogh's A Secret Affair.

And one oldie on the list - I've been wanting to read M.M. Kaye's The Far Pavilions for a while now. I have a growing fascination with India, a country which I know very little about. At nearly 1000 pages, it's been a little hard to grab this classic for a quick read in between everything else in my busy (insane) schedule! But with some down time from the job coming up, I've decided this is the summer to tackle it.

Oh, yeah, and that's my son's old Charmander on top of the stack. :-)

What's on everyone else's summer reading list??


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» Thursday, April 08, 2010

one star classics??

All authors, myself included, have stressed over a less-than-flattering review. But hey, it seems not even the authors on the Great Books reading list are immune to one-star amazon reviews.

My husband forwarded me an alternatively amusing and horrifying article about mean Amazon reviews, posted on earlier this month. Here's a sample of what some Amazon reviewers have to say about...

The Grapes of Wrath: "trite, contrived"

To Kill a Mockingbird: "more degrading than a harlequin romance" (say WHAT???)

Jane Eyre (one of my all-time faves): "the entire book is written in pointless metaphors"

Charlotte's Web: "I felt no feelings toward any of the characters."
(this reviewer obviously has no qualms eating bacon)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: "This book is 3 words over and over again: MY LIFE IS BAD." (apparently, this reviewer isn't so good at math)

Where the Wild Things Are: "[the kid] talks back to his mother. Save your money."

1984: "DO NOT READ ANY GEORGE ORWELL. Your [sic] just wasting your time. "

Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl: "very very very very very very very very very very very boring. If you have to read this book, shoot yourself first."
(This book had me in tears as a teenager. Can you even imagine being as heartless as this reviewer?)

and, last but definitely not least...even the Almighty is not immune...

The BIBLE: "harder to get into than Lord of the Rings"
(I'm picturing God and JRR Tolkien sharing a chuckle over this one)

For full texts of the reviews above, see the original article at

See ya!


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» Friday, March 26, 2010

OMG, I'm a RITA finalist!

I nearly fell over when the call came in yesterday!

Which is not a good thing, since I was driving. I almost didn't answer the phone - cell phone while driving isn't banned (yet) in my town, but I don't normally mix chatting and driving anyway. Too many crazies on the road these days.

But I was coming up on a red light, so I answered anyway. When fellow author Jeannie Adams identified herself as a Romance Writers of America board member, I thought, "Why the heck is she calling me?"

And then she told me the news: A Little Light Magic is a finalist in RWA's RITA Award in the Single Title Contemporary category!!

Too cool! I'm still floating.

But I can't afford to stay on the ceiling for long, not with a BOOK DEADLINE looming next week. Yes, I'm almost finished with the first book in my upcoming paranormal WATCHERS series.

Stay tuned - once the manuscript is emailed off to my editor, I'll pop in to tell you more about the heroes of this series - a clan of half-demon/half-human warriors, modern descendants of the cursed Biblical angels known as the Watchers.

Love ya!


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